The CHROMED trial, one of the largest clinical trial using FOT to monitor remotely COPD patients and prevent exacerbation has now been published on the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical care medicine!
Using the RESMON PRO DIARY (the home version of the well proven, hospital, clinical unit, the RESMON PRO FULL), 312 patients from 5 different European countries have been successfully monitored for 9 months and their treatment adjusted according to the alerts automatically sent by the device to the clinical staff.
This approach significantly reduced the duration and frequency of re-hospitalization producing a significant reduction of the social burden of the disease. COPD patients with previous hospitalization were those who most benefited from the system resulting in a significant 53% reduction of their annual hospitalization rate and a significant 3736 €/patient/year  reduction of their healthcare costs.
The full paper is available at the following link: click here.