EVALUATING Resmon Pro FULL measurements and sessions, a brief guide with a checklist

Using oscillometry in clinical testing

Integration into clinical practice of Resmon PRO FULL results should be similar to how one would use spirometry: consider patient clinical history, symptoms and results from other diagnostic tests and use oscillometry as an additional test to confirm or reject a specific diagnostic hypothesis. Oscillometry/ the presence of CENTRAL and/or PERIPHERAL obstruction, the patient’s response or lack thereof to therapy, and abnormalities detected only during normal tidal breathing.

Resmon Pro Full onscreen result

Onscreen results are provided graphically for immediate evaluation. Off the Resmon Pro, by clicking on the “medical record” icon on the upper-right area of the results screen.

Resmon Pro Full report & Footnotes

Numerical results in the onscreen and printed clinical report may appear in red under the following circumstances:

  • When measured values fall outside the normal range.
  • When the Coefficient of Variation (CoV) for the measurement or session exceeds the recommended range.
  • In the event of a PRE-POST session, when changes surpass the expected short-term variability or the thresholds for a significant bronchodilator response.

Here is an example where the PRE session displays inspiratory, expiratory, and total resistance values exceeding the upper limit of normality based on the chosen reference equations.
Additionally, there is a significant POST bronchodilator response indicated in RED

The RESMON PRO FULL provides also a series of footnotes below the graphics and numerical results, to help the user in evaluating the results.
Some examples:

H Value out of predicted range according to selected prediction equation
R Change above the significative bronchodilator response limit on entire breath. Ref: “Technical Standards for Respiratory Oscillometry”, ERS 2020
S Change above the significative bronchodilator response limit at 5 Hz on entire breath. Ref: Technical Standards for Respiratory Oscillometry, ERS 2020

Review all report pages for RED numbers and the explanatory footnotes as these provide the user with some important info that can be used to aid an interpretation by the physician.

Please refer to the USER MANUAL of your RESMON PRO FULL for a detailed description of all the possible footnotes that may appear.

Checklist template for clinical evaluation of oscillometry measurements


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