Medical device for daily monitoring of lung function and automatic detection of incoming disease exacerbation.



Resmon PRO DIARY is a medical device specifically developed to measure accurately the lung function using FOT and monitor patient’s status at home on a daily basis and with no need of direct medical supervision. Its user-friendly interface leads the patient through the measurement session that can include customizable questionnaires to collect patient’s symptoms or other physiological measures such as level of oxygen saturation and body weight.

At the end of each measurement session, innovative proprietary algorithms analyze the data and alerts are automatically sent to medical staff in case an increased risk of an incoming exacerbation is detected.

Such algorithms have been validated in a multicentric international clinical trial (CHROMED trial) that showed that home monitoring of COPD patients at home using the RESMON PRO DIARY is feasible and helps reducing the number of hospitalization and costs to manage the disease.


European CE Mark (MDD 93/42/EEC)



RESMON PRO DIARY can be configured to automatically and securely transmit data to the RESOLVE platform, the web portal developed by Restech for collecting, analyzing and interpreting the respiratory measurements. In particular, using the RESOLVE portal healthcare professionals can:

• View the measurements made by their patients

• Analyze the recorded data on an individual basis (for example by creating ad hoc plots)

• Export the raw data

Come and see our products RESMON PRO FULL and DIARY at the next ERS 2018 annual conference in Paris!

We are proud to announce that both our product RESMON PRO FULL and DIARY will be present at the next ERS 2018 Annual Conference that will be held in Paris from the 15th to the 18th of September 2018. The products will be displayed at the booths of our international...

Restech announces the clinical validation of the RESMON PRO DIARY to remotely monitor COPD at home.

The CHROMED trial, one of the largest clinical trial using FOT to monitor remotely COPD patients and prevent exacerbation has now been published on the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical care medicine! Using the RESMON PRO DIARY (the home version of the well...

RESMON PRO FULL and DIARY at the annual ERS conference in Milan

  RESTECH will be present at the next European Respiratory Society annual congress in Milan with both its products. RESMON PRO FULL will be presented at the booth of our distributor MGCDiagnostic (Hall 3, Stand 03). RESMON PRO DIARY will be exhibited by VIVISOL...

RESTECH and VIVISOL together to bring innovative monitoring at home of COPD patients

RESTECH srl and VIVISOL has established a long-term commercial partnership to commercialize the RESMON PRO DIARY and its innovative algorithm for the detection of the risk of exacerbation in COPD patients. Thanks to this collaboration RESTECH will be able to...

CHROMED trial completed successfully

Restech, in its role of technical manager and together with all the partner of the project, successfully concluded the CHROMED trial. With 312 patients enrolled and studied for 9 months by 6 clinical centers in 5 EU Countries, CHROMED has been the largest...


Remote monitoring of patients with chronic respiratory diseases (COPD, Asthma), Pharmacological trial, Research programs

How does Resmon PRO DIARY work?
The device is based on the analysis of the respiratory system’s response to small pressure signals. The test consists in breathing quietly for 2 minutes in a mouthpiece connected to the device. It is not required any forced manoeuvres, i.e no need of efforts as in spirometry. Optionally the device can include symptoms questionnaire or request other physiological values such as body weight and blood oxygen saturation. At the end of the test data are automatically sent to the healthcare provider.
Which frequencies are used for the measurement?
To increse the quality of the measurement eve in severely obstructed patients, RESMON PRO DIARY is preconfigured to use 5 Hz as stimulating frequency. Enhanced optimized PSRN signal at 5-11-19 Hz can be optionally configured.
Which parameters can be measured?
  1. Inspiratory, expiratory and total Resistance and Reactance for each stimulating frequency (not available in PSRN mode)
  2. Breath by breath presence and degree of the expiratory flow limitation (EFL)
  3. Heterogeneity of airway obstruction measured with the frequency dependence of the inspiratory resistance
  4. Breathing pattern parameters, i.e. ventilation, respiratory rate, tidal volume, duty cycle, mean inspiratory and expiratory flow
  5. Presence of a trend of worsening of the lung function
  6. Degree of airways instability

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RESMON PRO DIARY is the core of the remonte monitoring system for COPD patients distributed by VIVISOL srl in the following countries: Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Austria, Portugal, Turkey, Greece, Slovenia and Switzerland.


If you are interested in alternative application, please contact directly us.